Demor – The Put On [Zamamusi Projects (Pty)]

release date: 06/Oct/2017 preview

1 Toast To Our Anniversary (feat. Nana Atta)
2 Friday Night Feeling (feat. Nontu X)
3 Cliche (feat. Sun-El & Les Ego)
4 I’m Still Breathing (feat. Sobz & Paras)
5 Ephathini (feat. Mizz)
6 Isoka (feat. DJ SK)
7 Acid Fire Love (feat. Nana Coyote)
8 Motivation (feat. Carla Prather)
9 Ongena Dosi (feat. Sazi Cele & Big Zulu)
10 Thanana (feat. Sobz & Zakes Bantwini)

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