Chymamusique – After The Storm [Sound African Recordings]

release date: 29/Sep/2017 preview

1 I Choose You Original Mix
2 No Prison (Chymamusique Soulful Remix)
3 Life Everlasting (Chymamusique Remix)
4 After the Storm (My Testimony)
5 Come With Me Original Mix
6 What Have I Done Original Mix
7 Walls of China Original Mix
8 Amahloni (Chymamusique Remix)
9 Mela MaAfrika (Chymamusique Remix)
10 Follow (Chyma’s Rendition)
11 African Dance (ATS Version)
12 Train To London (ATS Broken Version)
13 Take Me Away Original Mix
14 Love Is Waiting Original Mix

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