Terisa Griffin - Distant Lover [T's Box]
Joseph Junior, MAQman - Everything Changes [GOGO Music]
David Anthony, Latreda Maxie - Killing Me [Planet Hum]
Moon Rocket, Mori Taiye - Running [Doomusic]
Craig Stewart, Andy Edit, NatMor - The Sol [Wiggly Worm Records]
Cortney LaFloy - Intentions [POJI Records]
Seb Skalski, Nick Sinckler - Paradise [Vibe Boutique Records]
SanXero, Omar - To & Fro [CityDeep Music]
Black Stereo Faith - Hey [Blufire]
Steven Stone, Pete Simpson - Sometimes [Soul Deluxe]
Gaelle - Evermore (Incl. Kai Alcé & ChiProfess Mixes) [AFRIQUE ELECTRIQUE]
Sebb Junior - Never Be Alone (The Quantize Recordings Remix Competition Finalists) [Quantize Recordings]
Jackie Queens - Love Will Wait [Bae Electronica]
Ann Nesby - We Rise (Raf N Soul New York Remix) [Its Time Child Records]